Medically Managed Weight Loss

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is and FDA approved injectable glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist that is administered once weekly for obesity. Clinical trials showed a 10-20% reduction of baseline weight. 

How Does It Work For Weight Loss?

GLP-1 is an incretin hormone that plays a role in your appetite and digestion. Incretins (hormones are released by your small intestine) are sent out by your body after you have eaten a meal to help lower your blood sugar by triggering insulin and blocking other sources of sugar. It also slows down how quickly food leaves your stomach (called gastric emptying). This causes you to feel full – lowering your appetite and causing you to lose weight. 

How long is a single treatment?

The length of treatment will depend on the area being treated but on average, treatments are thirty minutes.  

How many sessions will I need?

The recommendation is 5 sessions with each session spaced one week apart. EMS may be used alone to maintain results after full STEP sessions. However, everyone is different so it is important for you to talk to your provider about those areas you’d like to target and your goals. 

What makes PHYSIQ a virtually pain-free treatment?

First, the deep penetration of the heat combined with sapphire cooling at the skin’s surface leads to only a minimal increase in the temperature of the epidermis.  This allows the patient to be comfortable without sacrificing efficacy.  Next, the cycling between heat and EMS with STEP ensures the optimal temperature is reached and maintained throughout the treatment.  Lastly, patients have a control button to make any adjustments for comfort without impacting the efficacy of the session.

Skinny Shots

These lipotropic injections of B12 & MIC facilitate weight loss and boost energy!


Reduces inflammation & cholesterol levels


Breakdowns fat & helps convert food into energy


Essential nutrient for fat metabolism & liver function

Vitamin B12

Increases energy & improves neurologic function


It works as a dual GLP-1 agonist and GIP agonist to reduce appetite and food intake

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