Laser Treatments

How Does A Laser Treatment Work?

Using our Best in class Quanta Evo Light laser machine, we are able to provide multiple laser treatments that will target a variety of conditions. These treatments are able to be done virtually anywhere on the face, neck, and body!

Our laser machine is able to target multiple conditions of the skin such as:

–   Dark spots

–   Age spots

–   Sun damage

–   Acne scarring

–   Broken capillaries

–   Fine lines and wrinkles

–   Rosacea 

–   Spider veins

–   Port wine stains

We also offer a Skin Rejuvenation facial using our laser machine that rejuvenates the skin by use of heat, giving your skin a more even, refreshed glow. This is an ideal treatment to receive before a big event to help your skin look even more fabulous!

Does it hurt?

At Skin Tight, we couple every laser treatment with our Zimmer Cryo machine that cools the skin before, during, and after the treatment. The laser machine is also equipped with a self cooling hand-piece that pre-cools the skin as the treatment is taking place. Both of these skin cooling methods are combined to make the treatment virtually painless!

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